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Bengal Wedding

A number of interesting and colorful ceremonies mark a traditional Bengal Wedding. Read on to know all about pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding customs of a typical Bengali wedding. Wedding in Bengali, Bengali weddings, Bengali Marriage, Wedding events India, fresh petals India Engagement Ceremony. There are specific rituals for engagement in a Bengali Wedding. At first a family priest reads the ancestral lines of the to ensure that marriage does not take place between close relatives or persons having the same gotra or lineage. The custom is known as Adan Pradan (give and take). Thereafter, groom's family visits the bride's family and finalizes the dates for marriage. The ritual is called Paka-Dekha. This is followed by an Aashirwad or Patri Patra ceremony, which involves confirmation of the marriage alliance. It takes place a couple of days before the wedding. The ceremony is conducted by a purohit at the Wedding in Bengali, Bengali weddings, Bengali Marriage, Wedding events India, fresh petals India residence of the bride or the groom.

Pre-Wedding Rituals of a Bengali Wedding : A typical Bengali wedding involves following rituals: Wedding Piris: The piris are brought to the bride's house a day before the wedding or on the wedding day. These piris are used to seat the bride and the groom during the wedding ceremony. A relative or friend paints and decorates the piris, conch shells are blown and ululation taken up. Vridhi: Vridhi ceremony is performed a day before the marriage and is attended by all family members. Rituals for Vridhi involve offering of puja to the ancestors of the bride and the groom. Following the rituals, alpana or rangoli is done and on it is placed a ghot with amra pallab. All puja items are arranged in a baran dala (silver plate) with a 'Sri' symbol made on it. The priest brings an idol of Bhagwan Narayan to the puja. The idol is worshipped by lighting of agarbattis (incense) and diyas (lamps). The vridhi is usually performed by a paternal uncle. Custom demands that the uncle and the bride/groom be on a liquid diet.