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Tamilian Wedding

Tamilian Wedding is simple but not extravagant. These are usually well attended by large number of close as well as distant relatives. As there are a large number of Tamilian communities, there are variations in the rituals followed by them. However, the basic set of wedding customs remains the same for most of them. Tamil weddings are fixed after consulting the Hindu calendar. As per the Tamil calender the months of Aashad (July 15 to Aug15), Bhadrapad (Sep 15 to Oct 15th) and Shunya (Dec 15 to Jan 15) are considered inauspicious for weddings and hence, Tamilian weddings are not held in these months.

Pre-Wedding Rituals: Drawing up the Marriage Agreement: When the match is finalized, a private function is organized to draw up the marriage agreement. On an auspicious day, priests from either side meet in the groom's house and an exchange of the marriage agreement takes place. The agreement is placed on a plate along with bananas, coconuts and betel leaf. Usually, the groom's family gives the bride a silk sari while the groom receives clothes or cash.