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Buddlist Wedding

Buddhist wedding ceremony is simple and does not consist of any complicated rituals. Buddhist matrimonial customs and traditions are based on faith and not on religion. They basically require both the parties to make a commitment to each other that they will make a sincere effort to create a harmonious relationship. In this section, we will provide you information about traditional Buddhist marriage rituals.

Pre-Wedding Rituals: Here is provided information on pre wedding Buddhist rituals: Horoscope Matching : Horoscope matching is given due consideration among Buddhists. After having matched the horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom, the boy's family, in consultation with the lama (priest), selects an auspicious day for putting forward the proposal for marriage. Chessian Betrothal Ceremony: Chessian is the betrothal ceremony, in which the maternal uncle of the bride's parent is seated on a raised platform. The priest recites prayer and gives "madyan", a religious drink to everybody.